Starters - Al Tawfeeq TTTC the stockiest of heavy duty starters and alternators in the Middle East from Qatar


Starters - . Our starters have the highest quality standards available in the market. The modern trends for starter motors have become smaller, lighter and more efficient. That result in reduction gear starters that are gradually replacing all direct drive starter motors.

So no matter what are you using our starters for, you can count on a long lasting life and efficient progress. 


At TTTC, it is our goal to provide you discount heavy duty auto parts fast and be assured that you are getting the lowest prices on OEM replacement parts that cannot be found anywhere else in Middle East! We offer free shipping on all orders within State of Qatar and up to 40% off shipping to other countries in the Middle East. Most orders are delivered within 1-2 days.



Main features of our starter motors:

Smaller, lighter and efficient reduction gear starter motors.

High specific power, high output power and high efficiency.

Excellent cold crank capability with low current drain from battery.

Produced on the basis of environmentally conscious technologies using environmentally friendly materials.

Designed to meet electromagnetic compatibility and other international directives and standards.

Various versions of the starters ensure long life in adverse operating conditions, providing outstanding resistance to salt fog, humidity, water, dust, mud, vibrations, high and low temperatures, and aggressive liquids.

High reliability in exploitation and long life operation without maintenance.